What Susan thought of her retreat…

When I arrived at the retreat in July I was feeling sick about my novel. I was horribly, horribly stuck and I couldn’t see a way out. In fact, when Annie asked me about it shortly after I arrived, I couldn’t even bear to talk about it until the following day! I’d booked for six nights and worried that I might spend the whole time just staring at my computer, but after chatting with Annie, whose enthusiasm, encouragement and insight was just what I needed, I had a complete breakthrough. During the course of my stay, I wrote over 15,000 words, plus pages and pages of notes. I came away with a clear idea of where the novel was going, and it’s still progressing now.


Not only is Annie a lovely person, but she’s also a fabulous veggie cook. The food was healthy, tasty, beautifully presented and plentiful – I had to beg her to give me smaller portions! The weather was gorgeous during my stay, so I ate most of my meals on the balcony, apart from at the beginning and end of my stay, when Annie and her husband Ian kindly invited me to join them – they are both welcoming and entertaining hosts.


Not only was the retreat productive for me, but I felt totally relaxed in Annie’s company, and I can’t remember the last time I was better looked after. I’m already trying to work out when I can go back!

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