What Neil thought of his retreat…

I’d had an idea knocking around for a couple of months but never seemed to build up enough steam to get very far with it. I thought getting away from it all would give me the kick-start I needed – and Annie’s retreat looked wonderful.

I got to work soon after I arrived, taking the laptop out onto the balcony. If words failed, I would gaze across the forest and down the valley until they came to me. I wrote solidly, stopping only for meals. Annie’s a great cook – delicious wholesome vegetarian dishes. I took a couple of walks in the forest too. Nothing like a walk to get the imagination simmering.

I didn’t think I’d want a coaching session but by the second day I was brimming over with the work and wanted to get a reaction. Annie saw what I was aiming to do – but immediately identified the thing that wasn’t working. To me it had been just a vague feeling that I was a little unsure of my direction. But Annie honed in precisely on the problem. She subtly changed my focus. This has made the writing much easier as I now know exactly where I’m going with it.

Charming house. Lovely surroundings. Annie’s great food. Annie’s perceptive feedback. Just bring your imagination.

Neil, Surrey

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