What Molly thought of her Retreat…

I was pretty nervous when I arrived at Annie’s house at the end of July. After two and a half years of drafts that didn’t quite work and plotting problems that were never quite resolved, I badly needed to reboot my novel in progress. Having booked two whole weeks at the retreat – a rare and precious break from a life spent, like most people, juggling numerous different roles and selves  – I was desperate for perspective, focus and the luxury of time.

Thankfully, the retreat could not have been better. For once that hyperbolic cliche is true. I cannot think of a single thing Annie could have done to make the break more pleasant and productive. The room was a haven of peace and light; the forest was the perfect site for inspiring daily walks, complete with wild boar and deer; and the food was delicious – I ate like a, well, like a wild boar, yet I felt healthier than I have in months. (I refuse to talk about the puddings; I cannot accept that they have now disappeared from my life.)
Annie and Ian are wonderful hosts: warm, welcoming, nurturing and yet utterly respectful (and encouraging) of my need for solitude. Annie is a great reader and writer, and her comments on my work were as sharply insightful as they were sensitively delivered.
I have emerged with 25,000 words that I actually like, a renewed sense of my voice and story, and a refreshed mind, body and soul.
Let’s just say I’m going back.
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