What Iain thought of his Retreat

I had never been on a writer’s retreat before so did not know what to expect. But that I needed to do this  was self evident. I had not written in earnest four years at least. I loved to write but I loved to procrastinate and prevaricate more; in fact it seemed I loved to rewrite and fiddle with comma’s more than I really loved to write.
As soon as I arrived I knew I had come to the right place. The welcome was warm and the room perfect.
The main thing that this retreat has is Annie herself. She really set me free to write. On the retreat I got 20 pages done and I continue to produce now.
Annie’s feedback was invaluable, She gave me a perspective on writing that I had never had before. That the most important thing to do about writing is to write. I now have a structure to my writing that makes sense to me and gives me real freedom to write.
Annie provides good food and plenty of it. My emergency biscuits came back with me unopened. She always seemed to arrive at my door at the right time with some lovely home made cake.
Annie’s enthusiasm and passion for helping other people write is admirable and humbling. She gives so much more than she has to.
The Forest of Dean was also for me the perfect place to write. We saw a bunch of wild boar which I think Annie should guarantee for every
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