Twitter Personas

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently…the person hiding behind the tweet. I discovered Twitter nearly a year ago, and having spent years being bemused by the concept of people talking to complete strangers about nothing very much ….I find I quite like it.

I look at it once a day, in the morning, while I’m eating my marmite on toast. I follow a few comedians, some old colleagues, a couple of classic tweeters like Caitlin Moran and Stephen Fry and a handful of friends who I don’t get to see often enough. And I like Breaking News.

What has really begun to intrigue me is the character behind the tweet. Is it the case that most people use a peculiar version of their normal personality? What do you think? I ask because there are a few people I follow who I know pretty well and their Twitter personalities are entirely different from what I would consider their true selves.

I sort of understand this. When I was moved from school to school because of my father’s job, I embraced the opportunity to become a new person…wittier, cooler, more interesting in every way. The trouble was, all my efforts at creating a better version of myself fell by the wayside pretty quickly. It’s just so bloody exhausting, pretending all the time.

I suppose it’s much easier maintaining a phony character in little bursts of 140 characters. And of course no one can see your face.

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  1. Susan Black says:

    Like you I look at twitter in the morning whilst waiting for ancient husband to drag himself out of bed. That’s on my little tablet. Later I boot up my pc and have another look. I don’t possess a tv so the running commentaries on tv programmes are lost on me.
    Mostly I follow voices from radios 3 and 4. I particularly like the Rev Richard Coles not because I have a religion but because he brings out my inner cynic. I follow some comedians and some dancers. I like ballet.
    I scarcely ever initiate a conversation but tend to reply. I don’t think I pretend but you never know!

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