The power of the pond

Lucy , my first paying customer, was fan-bloody-tastic. Initially I’d been apprehensive, mainly about practical issues like food. She told me very early on that she’s wheat, dairy and sugar intolerant. Once I’d got my head round it, it was easy though and she ate enormous helpings of everything I dished up. She’s one of those delicate women with a huge appetite. Gratifying.

She was obviously talented with an interesting story to tell but she’d recognised that her work  consisted of disjointed episodes and she couldn’t see how to plot her novel. She also thought she’d like a mentor.

We worked hard together but we still had time to chat over our lovely summery alfresco meals and walk in the woods. Her writing came on in crazy leaps and bounds and in three days she managed to transform her work into sparky, modern exciting prose. And her plot is fantastic…all mapped out and bursting with potential.

Of course I helped her, but I think it was the time, the space, the fantastic weather and our pond (full of frogs and newts) that really got her going.

I couldn’t be more delighted.

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