Sprouted seeds and Spelt Bread

If things had gone according to plan, I’d now be sitting with my first Retreat guest, discussing her writing (interesting and painful) and how she might develop it further. I’d then have left her to her work and tottered back to the kitchen to rustle up a delicious wheat free, dairy free, largely raw lunch. My diet isn’t usually so restricted. I’m aiming to provide an individually geared service and my lovely, bright (obvious from her emails) customer has a few intolerances.                                                                                                              I grasped the challenge; dug out the seed sprouter and set to. I cleaned the entire house. The Dyson blew up, a Henry  was delivered….cheaper than a Dyson and apparently used by Professionals, but so bloody irritating, Henry’s awful grinning face trundling around the flagstones after you while you seek out the drifts of dog hair. Home made hummus, spelt bread, bean patties and enough sprouted seeds to sustain a commune, by eight o’clock last night the fridge was heaving. And then the phone rang. My talented wheat intolerant friend’s Grandmother has been taken ill and the Retreat has to be postponed.

Never has the house been so clean or so brimming with nutrition.

Soya smoothie anyone?


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