One rule for cyber-bullies, another for the old-fashioned kind. And Lumberjills.

People are discouraged from “cyber-bullying”. Good, it’s a foul activity. But when it comes to everyday harassment, intimidation, and provocation from a flesh and blood bully, it seems it’s virtually impossible to bring the bastard to book. If the bully plays games, is a credible actor or happens not to be, as far as the police believe, the right “type” to be a spiteful git, it’s a long uphill struggle to get justice.

On an altogether cheerier note, I had a lovely retreater last week. She works for the Forestry Commission and is writing about lumberjills…the women who managed our forests during WW2. Jo, my retreater has managed to attract all sorts of characters with memories of these amazing women and she’s been sent some brilliant photos. It seems these women, after the war, were cast aside and  quickly forgotten but now, at last, their inspiring story is going to be told. About time too.

And the badgers have got their reprieve. Hurray!


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