One of the things I learnt yesterday…

No one in my house is sporty, not really. I swim a lot, run a little, walk every day, but that’s not about sport; it’s about feeling healthy and enjoying the landscape around me. We don’t watch football unless it’s a huge international match involving England. We usually get into Wimbledon a little bit – this year we were enthralled of course. Again -National pride. My husband’s Scottish, so that made Wimbledon even more OK this year.

I have never, ever had the remotest interest in athletics and I have never, ever watched any Olympic coverage at all. Beijing completely passed me by, even the opening ceremony.

Last week I watched the London Olympics opening ceremony on i player….just to see what all the fuss was about, and I did love some of it…the industrial revolution stuff was fantastic; like very big budget Theatre in Education. I particularly liked the democratic, inclusive sentiments of the ceremony; that all made me very proud and emotional.

Until yesterday, I hadn’t watched a second of Olympic sport. Until yesterday, when I turned the telly on at about midday and didn’t switch it off until ten-thirty!

Of course, I was drawn in by the superb performances of Team GB. I cried at every British medal, and fell in love with every British competitor, but what inspired me most was the extraordinary turbo boost that the brilliant crowd provided. Of course all the athletes are world class, but if you ever needed proof of the power of positive thinking, you only had to watch Jessica Ennis or Mo Farah finishing their races. They were possessed; possessed by the spirit of the crowd and the occasion.

I still wouldn’t say I particularly like athletics but Bloody Hell, I love to see all that effort, pride, reward for years of gruelling training. That’s one of the things I learnt yesterday.

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