My Accidental Career: The poor man’s Esther

When I sent my show reel to HTV Continuity, I also sent one to the regional programmes people in Bristol. They called me in and gave me a camera test for their consumer programme. It was called “So you Think you’ve got Problems.” I always thought it should have been called “You think you’ve got Problems.” Don’t we  often watch that sort of stuff to put their own difficulties in perspective? ie: I may have sciatica and  a touch of rising damp in the kitchen, but at least my sofa hasn’t given me severe impetigo. That sort of thing.

It was a really great job that. Nice people…Bob Crampton was a sweetie I remember. We had a really good laugh and liked to pretend we were doing a little bit of good. Trading Standards and kite marks, corgi registration and salmonella….you know the sort of thing. And we won some kind of award. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I did milk my connection with an award-winning programme for a while.

I did “Problems” for a couple of years. It was good experience, and pretty stress free, being recorded. Every other bit of broadcasting I’ve ever done has been live.

Back to now, and I’ve another Writing Retreat guest here. Nice chap…writing a very tense thriller with a lot of technical wizardry and a fair few explosions. I’m trying to pick up a few tips in order to spice up my epic historical adventure/romance.

(note to self…decide what genre my current book is)

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