Disappointment and rejection

It’s hard isn’t it? And the further you manage to get, to being taken on by an agent or publisher, the further you have to fall.

I’ve been submitting my latest novel to agents recently.

So far I’ve sent it out to five. The first one, sent three months ago, I’ve not heard from at all, so we can assume she’s not interested; one came back to me pretty quickly, telling me it was a “near miss”, which was frustrating but encouraging really…at least, I thought, it’s not hopeless.  Straight after that I got two standard rejections, which sent me back to wondering if I’m yet another deluded writer, and the fifth, the FIFTH, got through the first two stages of their convoluted submission process! It was picked up, read and enjoyed. I was asked to send the full manuscript, which was read and “thoroughly enjoyed” by the reader. She past it on to the agent’s assistant, who read it and ….you’ve guessed it, rejected it, although he described it as an “excellent read”. Those two words are bouncing me between deep frustration and hazy optimism.

What does it take and should I be responding to every bit of feedback at this stage? At what point should I give up? Should I ever give up?

I don’t have the answer, but I will say, two days on from this most painful of rejections, I’ve decided that if the book has got so far with one agent, surely it can go all the way with another.

Or maybe I am a poor, deluded fool. It’s possible.

I’m going to battle on, but of course it’s Book Fair season and they’re all in Frankfurt on a jolly. Hey ho.



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