Children in Need

If you work in Regional Television, Children in Need are three words containing everything that is ghastly about live broadcasting. Everything. And nothing that’s good. The absolute worst of all worlds. Firstly, it’s massively hyped up for weeks ….guaranteed to ratchet up the tension,  and secondly it’s planned within an inch of its life; bang goes any spontaneity.  Add another horror – communication with other regions …. this, in my experience, never, ever works according to plan. You can be sure that you won’t be able to hear the right thing in your earpiece. A lovely technical person will assure you that it doesn’t matter…leave it to them; they’ll cue you. The result is a shambolic delay in receiving vital information….think relaying instructions from generals to foot soldiers in ancient wars. By the time the presenter gets a hand signal from a broadcast assistant, you’re all seconds adrift. The result is a series of cringe-worthy pauses and wide eyed panic . All this in the heaving milieu of baked bean covered, giant cheque waving, chicken costume wearing members of the general public. And Pudsey bloody bear, overseeing the whole damn fiasco. God how I hate Pudsey Bear.

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