A Canadian in the Court of King Henry

I had my second international retreater at Easter. Julie Strong, a doctor and an award-winning playwright came to Keystone for a whole week, all the way from Canada. She’s re-drafting her Tudor novel. Julie was hoping for some lovely English Spring weather as a respite from a cruel Canadian winter. Poor woman found herself here during one of the coldest March weeks on record: snow, sleet, shivering lambs, not what she’d been hoping for at all. Despite this she had a lovely productive time and was much inspired  (she told me) by wandering around Henry’s Royal forest and my puddings, which she adored! She set off home (via a brief visit to London to soak up the National Portrait gallery and the  British Museum) having produced more work than she’d managed for months.

I’m looking forward to reading her book…it sounds great. Her action is split between the royal court and rural Wales, which in Tudor times was still much influenced by, as Julie put it, “the old Gods”.


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